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The Interbalkan Environment Center is an international organization of new technologies and innovations linking together the public and private sectors for sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment. IBEC has had a continuous presence in leading research and innovation activities in the Balkan Peninsula, Middle East, and North Africa, for more than 10 years. IBEC through a transnational network provides integrated reliable solutions and services in the context of global and EU flagship programs/initiatives, such as Copernicus and GEO. The team from IBEC has wide experience in conducting large research as well as capacity development projects and has a solid track record of institutional cooperation with a variety of diversified organizations. IBEC is also well-connected within relevant networks, participating in strategically important initiatives such as the GEOGLAM (Greek Representation), the EO4SDGs initiative and the Global Soil Partnership. It owns and operates significantly in situ-based monitoring infrastructure and acquisition facilities, such as the GEOCRADLE Soil Spectral Library, telemetric network, certified chemical laboratory, UAVs, URVs, and ICT tools for processing of big data, like the Greek Data Cube. Provides opportunities for public and private sector actors to meet and transfer knowledge, ideas, and innovative approaches and undertake business development. Provides Earth Observation services in areas concerning pollution control from human activities and climate-smart agriculture, to support national policymakers and agro-industry in informed decision making. IBEC is a member of EUROGEOSS High-Level Working Group and a GEO participating organization, the only one in Balkans thus playing successfully the role of regional coordinator in the area and initiating the BalkanGEOSS.

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