Recognizing the necessity of using new technologies and digital convergence in management and protection of natural resources and sustainable development, i-BEC has modern equipment to produce scientific results with maximum accuracy and reliability.

As far as environmental monitoring concerns, i-BEC applies a pioneer multilevel monitoring system, with combined use of geo-referenced data from analyzes in its Chemical Lab, remote sensing satellite, in-situ measurements, unmanned aerial and water robotic vehicle and telemetric network.

i-BEC owns modern equipment for the realization of samplings and field measurements and is completely organized on issues of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems for the collection and evaluation of remotely sensed data. More specifically it possesses:

  • Software: image processing software (ERDAS Imagine, ENVI, Definiens eCognition), GIS software (ArcGIS Desktop and Server, Manifold GIS), geodatabase management systems (SQL Server RDBMS).
  • Hardware: GPS, modern PCs, plotters.
  • Access to Satellite imagery via the gate of the European Space Agency.
  • Unmanned Flying Vehicle for environmental monitoring.
  • Unmanned Floating Vehicle for environmental monitoring.
  • Geodatabases for the management and storage of environmental data.
  • On-line systems for the diffusion of environmental information (WEB Internet Map Server)
  • A modern Telemetric Network for the monitoring and meteorological parameters and the qualitative monitoring of water reserves. The network consists of by 109 telemetric stations and constitutes the biggest telemetric network in Southern Europe.


i-BEC’s Chemical Lab is one of the most modern and fully equipped chemical laboratories of Northern Greece and Greece in general. The existing laboratory infrastructure and facilities are fully exploited by experienced scientists of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ensuring reliable services and analyzes. All analyzes are done according to the National Standards and the Laboratory is accredited by the National Council of Accreditation (E.S.Y.D) based on the ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (Certificate of Accreditation with No.720) standard.
Interbalkan Environment Center is the only Environmental IT hub center in Northern Greece, which functions as the hub of cooperation, technology transfer exchange of data and consulting and support services between public and private actors involved in the management of the natural environment in the Balkans.