Governance and sustainable development

  • Business applications and expertise through the interface and knowledge transfer from the researchers to Producer Organizations (POs) and end users.
  • Consultation and mediation between the control mechanism and the end users for the support of green entrepreneurship and sustainable development (for example, Public Power Corporation S.A., Egnatia S.A.) to achieve environmental goals and targets as requested by the legislation and public authorities.
  • Participation in the network agencies and support with environmental data in real time including the Division of Planning and Emergency Response of the Ministry of Citizen Protection through issuance of daily bulletins of fire risk.
  • Clustering of end users and development of protocols for rational use of natural resources to support green business and socioeconomic development (for example, use of geothermy  in agricultural production, digital applications in the management of agroecosystems, best management practices for the agricultural sector, sustainable management in salt pans).
  • Smart specialization and training activities for unemployed people, professionals and public servants.