Investing in the environment

Innovative methodologies, technological solutions and activities of environmental monitoring and management:

  • Pioneer multilevel monitoring system-Combined use of georeferrenced reliable data: sampled filed data analyzed in its Certified Chemical Lab, remote sensing satellite data, in-situ measurements data, unmanned aerial and water robotic vehicle data and telemetric data from the largest operational and reliable telemetric networks in South Europe. A successful example is the Operational monitoring of Strymon river basin within the context of Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC.
  • Τelemetric network of 109 qualitative, quantitative and meteorological stations in transboundary basins of Greece such as Nestos and Strymon river basins.
  • Interdisciplinary approach, with potential contributions from Greek and International academic and research communities, in order to solve complex problems of environmental monitoring and management such as the restoration of Epanomi Lagoon.


Innovative actions, services and digital applications to fit the operational needs of the public and private sector:

  • Environmental indicators for policy planning and assessment of human activity impacts on environment, such as baseline Indicators of the Rural Development Programme of Greece 2007-2013.
  • Operational plan for the establishment of an Observatory for Rural Development Interventions, in support of the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food.
  • Digital online decision support systems and early warning systems, including the floods early warning system in Strymon River and the pollution early warning system in Nestos River.
  • Operational models for the management of natural resources such as the assessment of the irrigation drilling problem in Koronia and proposed solutions.


Scientific support for the public sector to provide services to society through Memorandum of Understanding (MoU):

  • Establishment and operation of IT hub for the management of environmental data from transboundary watersheds and creation of environmental data archive using state of the art geo-databases and digital infrastructures such as cloud computing – server consolidation.
  • Serving of environmental data and indicators to the competent authorities and the public in real time with graded access through the aforementioned online digital systems. IEC is the focal point for the management of environmental data of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace within the framework of the project ‘’Development and application of tools towards the integrated Coastal Management of Thermaikos Gulf: Pilot implementation in the west coastal zone’’ (EEA Grants 0040)].