Global Activities

Facing the new global challenges, Interbalkan Environment Center acts through a global network of cooperation with governmental organizations, research institutes and the private sector. Within this network, i-BEC provides integrated, reliable solutions and services and is actively involved in the trans-national exchange and application
of know-how and best management practices overseas, in Europe and the Balkans.

i-BEC’s international character combined with the presence and guidance of the International Board can be used as an example of how a local action can successfully gain a much wider role towards a global cooperation.

International Board

The international Board aims at creating paths for sustainable progress in international relations and collaborations with European and International Organizations and Governing Bodies, by supporting the i-BEC with IB member’s knowledge and experiences contributing to the management and protection of the environment and natural resources.

More specifically, defined by its International Board, i-BEC:

  • is involved in the exchange of know-how with International Research Institutions
  • is customizing innovative products, tools and methodologies to meet the needs
  • of national and international end users from the public and private sector
  • is developing methodologies and tools that have international application
  • potential and meet the requirements and objectives of European legislation
  • and International Conventions

Global Activities of i-BEC

  • Cooperates with the Intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations of the United Nations and is a Participating Organization of GEO
  • Organizes a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) called «INEU-Innovative Europe»
  • Works with the «Watershed Research Institute» in the United States
  • Develops actions with other countries of the Black-Sea Region, Europe and the United States in co-funded projects
  • Constitutes a focal point of monitoring forest fire for Balkan countries under the auspices of the United Nations and
    the International Strategy Disaster Reduction, as part of the Global Wildland Fire Network – UN International Strategy
    for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) and member of the GOFC/GOLD Fire Monitoring and Mapping Team

The Interbalkan Environment Center engages in the development and operational management of integrated information systems to manage environmental data for the support of development initiatives, entrepreneurship and competitiveness in multiple sectors of the regional economy and society. These applications are designed to serve the needs of territorially focused policy makers, businesses and the public at regional, national and international levels. The underlying architecture and the operational management of these systems forms the basis for the sustainable use of environmental data, fully compatible with the international standards established by the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) of the United Nations and the guidelines of the European Union, adopting the approach ‘act local- think global’ including all operational areas of GEO

GEO - Group on Earth Observation

Operational areas of GEO:

  • promoting sustainable agriculture and primary production
  • conservation of biodiversity
  • response to addressing climate change and its impacts
  • protection against natural and man made disasters
  • ecosystem management
  • management of energy sources
  • understanding of environmental hazards to health
  • protection of water resources
  • improvement of weather forecasting

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