«Leveraging forest biomass (logging residues) for production – standardization of refined solid biomass fuel. Impacts on forest ecosystems»

The objective of this research program is to assess the potential of woody biomass and logging residues of beech and fir tree currently unexploited within forests, for the production of refined solid biomass fuel (wood pellets), as well as the determination of residue types and the percentage available for extraction without posing negative impact on the forest ecosystem.

The project consists of five (5) phases:

The first (1st) phase of the Project refers to the qualitative and quantitative attribution of the remaining logging residues after the extraction of timber products in beech and fir forests.

At the second (2nd) phase of the Project, the energy properties and both the individual and overall energy capacity of these will be determined for beech and fir logging residues.

At the third (3rd) phase of the Project, the potentials of beech and fir logging residues for the production of solid compact fuel (wood pellets) and the qualitative energy characteristics of these products will be evaluated.

At the fourth (4th) phase of the Project, inorganic and other nutritional components, which exist in main products of logging activities (technical woodcuts, industrial timber, firewood) and within logging residues of beech and fir forests will be determined. Additionally, the impact of partial extraction or extended canopy clearance on the productivity of the underlying soil will be assessed.

The fifth (5th) and last phase of the Project includes the dissemination of the Project’s results to both public and private sector bodies through the individual websites managed by collaborative bodies. Moreover, the results of the Project will be announced in meetings and conferences, and/or in specialized international journals, while through the collaboration between collaborative bodies and IBEC, special conference will be held where topics relative to forest biomass utilization will be announced in conjunction with the findings of the Project.

Contractor of the research program is the Laboratory of Forest Products Technology Faculty of Forestry & Natural Environment Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Tel.:+302310 992740, +302310998891, Fax: +302310992746, e-mail: jfilippo@for.auth.gr), with scientific coordinator Professor Ioannis Philippou.

Collaborative partners are Interbalkan Environment Center – iBEC (18 Loutron Str., P.C. 57200, Lagadas, Tel. & Fax: +30 2394023485, e-mail: info@i-bec.org ) and the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) (19th km Marathonos Ave, 19009, Pikermi Attiki Greece, Tel.: +30210 6603300, Fax+30210 6603301/302, e-mail: cres@cres.gr)

The duration of the research program is twenty (20) months (5/2014-12/2015), with total budget 107.878,00€ and it is financed by the Green Fund.

Thessaloniki, 22 December 2015
Conference ««Leveraging forest biomass (logging residues) for production of wood pellets»

Invitation and Agenda in Greek

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