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Using Earth Observation to update a Natura 2000 habitat map for a wetland in Greece

…, E Lazaridou, A Tsirika, GC Zalidis – Journal of Environmental …, 2009 – Elsevier

Abstract: The European Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC has defined the need for the conservation of
 habitats and species with the adoption of appropriate measures. Within the Natura 2000
 ecological network of special areas of conservation, natural habitats will be monitored to ...

A boosted genetic fuzzy classifier for land cover classification of remote sensing imagery

DG Stavrakoudis, JB Theocharis, GC Zalidis – ISPRS Journal of …, 2011 – Elsevier

Abstract: A Boosted Genetic Fuzzy Classifier (BGFC) is proposed in this paper, for land cover
 classification from multispectral images. The model comprises a set of fuzzy classification
 rules, which resemble the reasoning employed by humans. Fuzzy rules are generated in ...

Investigation of protozoa as indicators of wastewater treatment efficiency in constructed wetlands

…, GP Sakellaropoulos, M Lazaridou, G Zalidis – Desalination, 2010 – Elsevier

Abstract: Wetlands represent an efficient wastewater treatment technique, with several benefits over
 the conventional activated sludge system. Microfaunal community is of outmost importance
 in treatment processes as the microorganisms are able to achieve substantial ...

Municipal wastewater treatment by sequential combination of photocatalytic oxidation with constructed wetlands

A Antoniadis, V Takavakoglou, G Zalidis, E Darakas… – Catalysis Today, 2010 – Elsevier

Abstract: Aim of the present work is the study and the experimental evaluation of an alternative and
 innovative wastewater treatment system, which combines the action of photocatalytic
 oxidation with the surface flow constructed wetlands. This low cost and environmental ...

Determination of herbicide terbuthylazine and its major hydroxy and dealkylated metabolites in constructed wetland sediments using solid phase extraction and high

NG Papadopoulos, E Gikas, G Zalidis… – International Journal …, 2012 – Taylor & Francis

Abstract: This paper describes the development of a new analytical method for the analysis of the
 herbicide TER and its degradation products in sediment samples. This method, based on
 high-performance liquid chromatography with diode-array detection, was validated for the...

Transport and dissipation study of the herbicide terbuthylazine and its major metabolites in wetland sediment substrates planted with Typha latifolia L

…, E Gikas, A Tsarbopoulos, G Zalidis – … and Water Treatment, 2012 – Taylor & Francis

Abstract: It is widely recognized that the organic micropollutants, coming from the intensive
 agricultural use of land, are the major thread against surface and ground water. However,
 they are an environmental engineering challenge in order to encounter the pollution by ...

Use of liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry to study the degradation pathways of terbuthylazine (TER) by Typha latifolia in …

…, NG Papadopoulos, FN Bazoti, G Zalidis… – Rapid …, 2012 – Wiley Online Library

Abstract: S-Triazines are used worldwide as herbicides for agricultural and non-agricultural purposes.
 Although terbuthylazine (TER) is the second most frequently used S-triazine, there is limited
 information on its metabolism. For this reason, an analytical method based on liquid ...

A multistage genetic fuzzy classifier for land cover classification from satellite imagery

DG Stavrakoudis, JB Theocharis, GC Zalidis – Soft Computing, 2011 – Springer

Abstract: A linguistic boosted genetic fuzzy classifier (LiBGFC) is proposed in this paper for land cover
 classification from multispectral images. The LiBGFC is a three-stage process, aiming at effectively
 tackling the interpretability versus accuracy tradeoff problem. The first stage iteratively ...

Integrated methodology for estimating water use in Mediterranean agricultural areas

…, Y Chemin, GN Silleos, E Stavrinos, GC Zalidis – Remote Sensing, 2009 –

Abstract: Agricultural use is by far the largest consumer of fresh water worldwide, especially
 in the Mediterranean, where it has reached unsustainable levels, thus posing a serious
 threat to water resources. Having a good estimate of the water used in an agricultural area...

 Rehabilitation of abandoned saltworks to maximize conservation, ecotourism and water treatment potential

…, V Takavakoglou, T Alexadridis, G Zalidis – Global NEST Journal, 2009 –

Abstract: Numerous saltworks have been abandoned throughout the Greek islands and
 mainland as operations have decreased in number and increased in size. Such areas have
 great potential for serving the broader society if rehabilitated correctly. Changes in ...

Optimization of the resolution of remotely sensed digital elevation model to facilitate the simulation and spatial propagation of flood events in flat areas

…, F Katsogiannos, G Zalidis… – EGU General …, 2013 –

Abstract: The use of satellite remote sensing products, such as Digital Elevation Models
 (DEMs), under specific computational interfaces of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
 has fostered and facilitated the acquisition of data on specific hydrologic features, such as ...

Multi-scale risk assessment of stream pollution by wastewater of olive oil mills in Kolymvari, Crete

CGKarydas, IL Sarakiotis, GC Zalidis – Earth Science Informatics, 2013 – Springer

Abstract: In the streams of the Mediterranean island of Crete (Greece), olive mill wastewater
 (OMW) has been reported to reduce biodiversity up to 85 %. Mere conduction of impact assessment
 based on pollutant concentrations, however, can- not reveal how impacted areas may be ...

Simultaneous determination of herbicide terbuthylazine and its major hydroxy and dealkylated metabolites in Typha latifolia L. Wetland plant using SPE and HPLC- …

N Papadopoulos, E Gikas, G Zalidis… – Journal of Liquid …, 2009 – Taylor & Francis

Abstract: The worldwide application of s-Triazines as herbicides for agricultural and
 nonagricultural purposes, results in a significant environmental pollution. It is necessary to
 develop sustainable and environmental friendly techniques in order to remediate surface ...

Development of an integrated application portal for environmental spatial information dissemination in the Nestos river basin

G Zalidis, N Karapetsas… – First …, 2013 –

Abstract: Water resources management is a comprehensive planning process dimensioning
 all water related components. With this in mind, the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD)
 requires reliable and continuous water monitoring and collection of qualitative information...

Genetic Fuzzy Rule-Based Classifiers for Land Cover Classification from Multispectral Images

DG Stavrakoudis, JB Theocharis, GC Zalidis – Applications of Intelligent …, 2009 – Springer

Abstract: This chapter presents a Boosted Genetic Fuzzy Classifier (BGFC), for land cover classification
 from multispectral images. The model comprises a set of fuzzy classification rules, which resemble
 the reasoning employed by humans. BGFC's learning algorithm is divided into two ...