Lagadas, 03-03-2017

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Intebalkan Environment Center (I-BEC), participates (PP9) in the European Project “GREENOMED – Mediterranean Trans-Regional Cooperation for green manufacturing innovation” (1MED15_111_M2_072), INTERREG V – B MEDITERRANEAN (MED) COOPERATION PROGRAMME 2014-2020.

Manufacturing is an important pillar for Europe, since it impacts significantly on economy, occupation welfare and environment. It consumes about the 30% of the total energy produced, uses as input critical raw materials and is responsible for environmental emissions. Thus, the adoption of green practices in manufacturing is a top-priority of several European Regions.

However, even if Europe is a global leader in green manufacturing research, its innovation capacity should be strongly improved. The availability of a European network of pilot plants accessible to SMEs could significantly contribute to this goal.

The setup such an interconnected network of pilot plants requires the identification of common challenges and the mobilization of considerable resources. For these reasons, Regions should cooperate to reach this goal under the paradigm of smart specialization.

In the “VANGUARD Initiative”, a Clusters-governed methodology for the setup of trans-national projects of pilot plants was conceived, but was not tested on a structured basis and on a large scale.

Based on this experience, GREENNOMED aims at testing and transferring this methodology in the MED Regions, considering their peculiarities and also their link with other relevant EU manufacturing Regions, in particular with Germany.

GREENNOMED will address business support organizations (Clusters), enterprises, SMEs, research and innovation organizations , Public Regional Authorities, as well as the general public.

The duration of the Project is 30 months and i-BEC’s budget is 200.000,00 €. The project is co-financed by 85% by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) & by 15% by National Funds.

For the implementation of the actions of the above mentioned Project, i-BEC intends to employ seven (7) people with work contracts. The work contracts will be carried during the implementation of the above project and in accordance with the final approved time schedule.

Candidates will be employed for the purpose of implementing the work packages of the project in which i-BEC participates, and specifically:

  • WP1: Project Management
  • WP2: Project Communication
  • WP3: Testing
  • WP4: Transferring

The WPs in which each person will participate will be described at their relevant contracts, and will concern the implementation of a part of the following tasks:

  • Design of diffusion and extroversion actions to promote green industry.
  • Development of Pilot Plans at local / regional level.
  • Developing actions for collaboration of stakeholders to create entrepreneurial ideas that promote innovation and the cyclical economy (clusters of industry, research organizations, small-medium enterprises in the cyclical economy, policy makers, etc.).
  • Contribute to the organization of workshops contributing to the design and production of information material related to industrial production processes.
  • Creation and design of integrated solutions for processes of reduced environmental footprint production.
  • Provision of advisory services and transfer of know-how to business clusters.
  • Organization and participation in project meetings.
  • Progress reports as well as processing and archiving administrative and financial documents.

Required qualifications for the candidates include:

  1. Higher education (University or TEI) in engineering, information technology, environmental, biological science, economics and management.
  2. Professional experience related to the following fields:
  • Communication and dissemination actions.
  • Transfer of know-how and training.
  • Consultancy services.
  • Production management actions for reduced environmental footprint and / or cyclical economy actions.
  • Actions to identify stakeholders, communicate, update and coordinate them.
  • Participate in organizing conferences / meetings
  • Programs / projects management and progress reports.
  1. Computer knowledge (word, excel, internet)
  2. Knowledge of English


For more information please see here, or contact us on info@i-bec.org.


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