Intebalkan Environment Center (I-BEC), participates in the European Project “E-SHAPE – EuroGEOSS Showcases: Applications Powered by Europe”, HORIZON 2020. The project has duration 48 months, i-BEC’s budget is 148,437.50€ and it receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

For the implementation of the Project, i-BEC invites candidates to submit applications for 1 position through the award of a work contract, for the time period from the signing of the contract until 31/12/2020. The contract may be extended until the expiry date of the project 30/04/2023 (and if extended until expiry) and within the approved budget limits.


Position A: Computer Scientist / until 31/12/2021 / up to € 15,000.00


Job Description

Customization and development of tools and open source web applications to acquire, clean and prepare multispectral Earth Observation data. Production of documentation texts of the tools for their reuse.

The item above will be implemented as part of Work Package 3 – Implementation.



Required Qualifications

  • University Bachelor’s degree in Informatics or Applied Informatics or Computer Engineering or any other related object
  • Very good English language knowledge (Level C1)
  • Experience of at least 6 months in the development and application of mechanical or in-depth learning algorithms


Additional Qualifications


  • Experience in the use and / or processing of remote sensing and / or Earth Observation data


Qualifications Assessment

  Qualifications criteria Credits


1 Bachelor’s degree mark mark * 40
2 English language knowledge 50 (very good), 70 (excellent)
3 Experience (per month) – 84 months max 7 (per month)



Documents Required:


  1. Application Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Copies of the degrees
  4. Copies of the certifications mentioned in the CV and are relevant to the qualifications.


Those selected will work in the facilities of the Inter-Balkan Environmental Center, as well as where the research or training programs and projects of the I-BEC or the services related to its activities are provided and carried out, and within the operating hours of the I-BEC.


The submission of applications (according to the attached model) and other supporting documents is done exclusively via e-mail at info@i-bec.org , from the day of posting this on the website of the Inter-Balkan Environment Center (www.i-bec. org) and until 19/10/2022.


For more information, please contact +302310991778.





















  1. From all the applications submitted, according to the above specifications, the one that best meets the project’s requirements will be selected and awarded a work contract.
  2. Only applications submitted within the period mentioned above will be considered. In case of postal submission, the Interbalkan Environmental Center will not bear any responsibility for the submission time or the content of the files that will be sent. Changes to the application (replacements, corrections or submission of additional documents) are not allowed after the expiration of the deadline. 
  3. It should be noted that the invitation for awarding work contracts in the framework of the project is not a competitive tendering procedure, while the potential selection of counterparties should be interpreted as an acceptance of a proposal for hiring and not as “hiring”. The aforementioned process will be completed with the announcement of a ranking list, while those candidates selected will be personally notified. In case of a tie, the candidate whose application has a) the longest experience, b) the greatest bachelor’s degree mark, or c) the greatest master’s degree mark, will be selected.
  4. The candidate who is first in the ranking list and has the highest score in all the criteria scored will be the one to be selected. If he / she is prevented, the next candidate is selected until the rank order is exhausted.
  5. Any submitted candidacy that does not meet the criteria of the call will not be examined any further and will be automatically rejected.
  6. Throughout the duration of the project it is possible that the selected candidate(s) may be replaced, if necessary, by other candidate(s) of the present call and in accordance with the ranking list.
  7. The contract may be extended without limitation, upon the decision of the competent body of the Interbalkan Environmental Center, provided that the required credit for the project is available, without a new invitation, until the project’s expiry date (and if the project is extended until expiry).
  8. This call for expression of interest does not, under any circumstances, bind the Interbalkan Environmental Center to establish cooperation with stakeholders and does not create any labor claims. The Interbalkan Environmental Center reserves the right to select the candidate, and it remains in the Committee’s full discretion to conclude or not the relevant contracts, excluding any claim by the candidates.

The work contract awarded shall comply with the general and specific guidelines of the funding mechanism.

Call for Expression of Interest

Submission of proposal

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