International Conference

International Conference on
“Governance and Innovation: Supporting Sustainable Development, Management and Protection
of Natural Resources”
22 October 2013, Athens

Today’s social and economic situation at national and international levels intensifies the need for redesigning processes and governance tools, as well as fully utilizing innovative products and services to support economic development, while respecting the principles of sustainability and human rights.

Recognizing the new economic and social reality, this one-day Conference seeks to answer the question whether new global and European policies for sustainable development, management and protection of natural resources could fit within decision-making mechanisms of governance through application of innovative solutions.

For this reason, the Balkan Environment Center organizes this international conference to:

  • present innovative case studies of this new governance model and tools that have been applied by our collaborators and partners from Greece and abroad,
  • bring together a wide range of stakeholders involved in governance, innovation and management, and finally,
  • emphasize that the basis of strong inter-regional, European and global networking and collaboration is now not only significant but critical.

Specifically, foreign institutions with relevant experience attending the Conference include the General Director of the Intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO) of the United Nations, executives from the private and the public sector, the broader public and the private sector from Greece and abroad. Also in attendance will be members of the International Board of Balkan Environment Center.

Through formal presentations and follow up discussions, the role of organizations such as BEC is expected to be acknowledged, in implementing integrated solutions that promote inter-sectoral and international cooperation.

The Center has already played a catalytic role, through its extensive network of collaboration, innovative actions and reliable services, to provide a significant contribution to:

Developing, facilitating and accelerating

implementation of an effective governance model and innovative solutions for monitoring and managing natural resources that support sustainable development while respecting the environment. The Balkan Environment Center embodies innovation, smart specialization and scientific knowledgein the productive processes, in accordance with European and International policies, to develop new products and services and reducing unemployment.